Monday, July 20, 2009

Global Warming & Gujarat

To what extent does Human population growth impact Global warming and what can be done about it?, Asks a reader in the Earth Talk Column. Read more also on Train Travel which seems to be less polluting than driving or flying. Click for the Environment Column here. (Also in Spanish here)

Global warming and we all feel the effects. Many of the world's top scientists have urged immediate action, and have called for international cooperation on the problem of Green House Effect. Many scientists agree that warmer temperatures would cause rise in sea levels, the oceans when warmed up will occupy more space. The glaciers and polar ice will begin to melt. It is is predicted by 2030, the sea will rise by 150 to 300 mm endangering coastal town and cities around the world.

Well, recently while writing for the Global Environment theme, I came across the many Initiatives of the government for Climate Change. Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) being implemented to shift 40% of the trips from Personal transport vehicles to Public Transport.
Another thing that draws my attention is the fact that Gujarat is yet on a faster development yet with the talks and presentations going on for Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune bullet train. The ride on the bullet train will be more like a plane and cost wise, it will be fairly similar to air travelling. The high speed train will run at the speed of 350 km/hour. “The Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune bullet train will halt at Vadodara and Surat. It will take 1.5 hour to reach Mumbai while travelling time for Pune will be 2.5 hour. The high velocity train would need special tracks too. The bullet train project will follow Public-Private Partenership model. The estimated cost would be in Crores.

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