Sunday, July 05, 2009

Kids Blogs & Reading

Reading is an activity for all round development and you cannot deny the pleasure of 'Knowledge is Power.' Summer time and even leisure time is great to pick a book and start reading at any place, any time, anywhere. Most of the kids do not cultivate reading habits due to lack of reading confidence but if inspired and encouraged, we find the child getting interested to read. Even parents fail to encourage reading as their extra curricular activities list have all sorts of activities like dancing, painting, sports but reading - it's parent-child reluctance to join a Reading class. The reason is, Bookstores provide ample reading space and even parents pamper bringing in books home for read - later on to cloud with dust, unread!

So, in comes Computers - playing games and connecting to social networks. Kids love to be on their own - privacy means their own room or at a club - with friends, games and chats. Reading is almost of back seat. The trends have changed. Reading classes have no longer space and even if they are conducted, in comes added activities with fun and games.

However, at Swagat Children Library and Kidsfreesouls, I have a concept of mix intellectual activities - Reading Library + Making Blogs. The idea erupted anew from children who wanted to be creative and those who worked hard making journals, scraps and wrote lot of book reviews. They wanted to do something on computers and the 'Kids Blogs' were made. Some were regular, some were not. The blogs were in form of Projects. Those who can make it up, Kidsfreesouls featured in some of them at random. Those who do not have online blog presence, their work remains in journals, scrap books and review books.

"Why make Blogs", asked a Parent. And my answer came, "To improve Student Literacy and Creativity. And, to help the child to cultivate the reading habit and encourage him to read and write book reviews. Broaden the use of computers, tools and techniques of computing."

I think, its 'Any time and Anywhere learning assistance and involving Parents.' Here's a few points on 'Why make Student Blogs?'

1. Improve Student Literacy
2. Encourage students to read and write
3.Encourage students to explore
4. Encourage students to express their views, criticize creatively(in comments), colloborate and share.
5. Inspire through online kids work and encourage students who are reluctant learners
6. Makes them build confidence
7. While they Interview for their Blog posts, they learn observation, patience and responsibility.
8. Check their boredom and get actively involved in creative writing.
9. Boost self esteem and creates Interest and love for Reading

Apart from this, its more to involve parents who love to see the student work and presentation. And for a teacher, its a sure helping Children in many creative ways. A way for Safe Net surfing and even positive learning. More on this....and you got to come to Swagat.

Btw, here are Kids Blogs - some unupdated but with added 'Aneri's Blog. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
for Kids
Author of 'Guardian of Angels'

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