Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cars can be modified to run on water!

Cars can be modified to run on water? Well, the Earth Talk Q & A will interest you if you wish to convert your petrol or a diesel car to convert to water! The kits that attach to the car's engine, use electrolysis to split the water (H2O) into its component molecules (hydrogen and oxygen) and then inject the resulting hydrogen into the engine’s combustion process to power the car along with the gasoline. Doing this, they say, makes the gasoline burn cleaner and more completely, thus making the engine more efficient.

But, is this efficient? Read here for more on this as well as on using Borax for green housecleaning that leaves behind environmental footprints.

I wonder, how much do our children learn on Environment or do they have classwork projects on this? Even if so, most of it is based on general learning - growing trees, keeping surrounding clean or the like and making posters or writing few sentences on How to save Environment. If you have any Ideas to share for Project Classroom on Environment, please do let me know. Sometimes, as teachers too need creativity other than just the routines, what do you say?

- ilaxi patel
Author of Guardian of Angels

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