Friday, July 31, 2009

August Projects and Friendship Month!

Click for August Calendar and Projects for kids and classrooms. I am sure, you will find much more than this since as August is the month for Friendship and this means, celebrating friends online now with the social networking friends and status.

Well, Friendship is the intensity of the love that leaves behind trails of sweet memories to cherish the core of life giving a whole new meaning to it. The enigma of friendship strengthens with the bonds of relationships so unique which is unselfish, intimate, pure and beautiful. Learning to appreciate, speak out on issues, Listening, confide and sharing secrets, meeting of wavelengths and such deeper corners are focused for a caring friendly relationship with the people you love most.

Whenever it's a Friendship Day, Kidsfreesouls wishes all readers Happy Friendship day with a simple message to spread love, faith, peace and unity among human beings. A day when someone asked me, 'How?', I was confused what to reply on a simple icq screen. Today, with the Social networks and people hanging on making a 3/4/5 digit friends lists, the message can be spread far and wide. The question 'How' can turn to 'Somehow' and all humans together can make efforts to spread the message to spread peace! The world is on brink of extinction, Is it? Whatever, we can make a Difference!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids
Author of Guardian of Angels

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