Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yoga - Change4Life

A Change4Life campaign was held in UK with a government survey carried on 260,000 people. The Survery was to tackle soaring rates of Obesity by promoting healthy eating and exercise. The results showed nearly three-quarters (72%) of children do not take part in the recommended hour of daily activity outside school. Its latest poll also found 45% of youngsters watched TV or played non-active video games before school. Only 22% did something active after their evening meal. Here's more on this in Google News.

Recently, I have been passing my week-ends at Sports club at the Library or casually at the Cafe Court or watching a movie. I have observed, most of the children who visit the Library turn towards the cyber cafe area and engage themselves by hooking up to a computer playing games. Quite often, due to slow download of the game, children impatiently stare at the screen or awkwardly wait in frustration for the game download. While casually talking to some of them, I find Children are more dedicated to sitting in their room playing on their computers and watching television. Reading or Exercise is almost on the back seat. Sports and Yoga classes is just for fun as parents force them to engage in an activity. Talk about Indoor activities and its boring noons with computer games and cartoon watching.

Inactivity often leads to harmful mind, body and soul effects. Obesity is on a rise and in comes diabetic tendencies with heart problems later on. The need of the hour is Exercise for fitness and reading for the brain.

Yoga for Children is an essential part to integrate in a child's routine for perfect physical health and mental well being. You can read more on this on Meditation page. For Children, grab a copy of the book 'Yoga for Children' by Swati and Rajiv Chanchani. Each Yoga posture is explained through photographs, drawings, stories and detailed instructions with important do's and don'ts and benefits of each pose. Meant for parents and teachers, the book comprise specific guidelines to practice Yoga creatively, enjoyably and safely.

For parents and teachers, I suggest Yoga by Richard Hittleman. I happened to follow the 28 day Exercise Plan of this book of Yoga by Richard Hittleman and sure, it hit high to shoot all five stars in my fav list. If a work out plan for 20-30 minutes per day is followed with this book, it sure is an accomplishment to good frame of mind, body and soul.

- ilaxi patel
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