Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Earth Day 365 days on Kidsfreesouls. As you keep reading the Earth Talk Q & A every week in English and Spanish, here's 10 Personal Actions That Can Make A Difference for the Environment and 10 Issues to Write Your Congressperson (and Educate Your Friends and Neighbors) - Save Mother Earth.

It is our responsibility to teach our children and provide learning tools and thinking skills needed to make our Environment safer with their participation. We need to provide a framework from which young people may act in a positive manner with a sense of hope for sustainable future. It is necessary for kids to learn how to green their lives and understand the smaller details to sustain life. There are tons of things kids can help to bring about changes to make a difference as switching off the lights to use less energy, turning things from waste to best, growing trees, saving water resources, etc. Just follow 365 days Earth Talk tips here and follow the below sites for more details on 'How to bring about a Difference to save Nature - Mother Earth'

Here's 'Green your School' Guide by Earth Day Network with Facilities, Food, Transportation, Recreation, Curricula and Classrooms. The site offers extensive research, teacher lesson plans and student action plans. Explore science-based and standards-aligned Lesson Plans for green schools.

The Energy Star Kids is a fun way learn for kids as the Department of Energy offers multiple activities online for kids. Parents and Teachers can download lesson plans and Games and Activities.

Btw, Kidsfreesouls had earlier taken Drawing & Coloring competitions in schools and children were told to write ten sentences on 'How to Save Environment' with a classroom debate on the topic - In the process, there has been a successful attempt to bring about awareness to a mass number of students with concerns to Environmental Issues. Here are some pictures in Color Paste Board and Kids online can add your pictures too by emailing Kidsfreesouls.

Here's on Earth Hour - Switch off the lights for an hour every day! click for the earlier note. Join me at Facebook and use the Earth hour application or log on to join Kidsfreesouls Friend connect to spread the message.

I suppose, we can together build a heaven on earth and save our Environment - Be it environment, health issues, population concerns, Poverty or the Rich-poor gap, Energy, food & water, whatever.... Be Concerned!

- ilaxi patel
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