Tuesday, April 07, 2009

World Health Day

World Health Day, April 7 and it comes with a message to be concerned for our own Health as well as children and all in the family. Of late, I am not able to blog on my Austin-Statesman Readers' Blog but you can always check in the Archives and look for updates as I will be placing research based Health articles here. Also Subscribe the Blog Widgets from the newly made Widget page here.

Research finds that Children's consumption of Fruit is too low. One in ten eat No Fruit with children below six years. At Swagat, my findings reveal - hardly one child eats a Fruit per week out of average 25 kids! The evenings are almost with Pizza and Sandwiches! There has been a rise in obesity in last many years and a considerable decline in spending more time for outdoor games. A diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can help in tackling obesity. With pollution, asthma and wheezing is on rise all over the world and here comes in fruits and vegetables with all the Vitamin C to reduce the symptoms in children as well as adults. In 1991 WHO recommended that people should eat 400 gm (five portions) of fruits and vegetables everyday to reduce risk of cancer. Since than, fruits and vegetables are on top priorities. Well, here's Enchanted Learning with craft for kids - a 3D fruit Craft.

More Junk and that's getting to be more obese! More fruits and vegetables and that's the way to live healthy! - How often parents and teachers tell the children yet the daily diet consist of the Pizza, Burger and all sorts of canned food and desserts. Schools cutting Fats in Food is always found welcoming and classroom activities to enhance children, the importance of fruit and vegetables have found to be useful. Parents and teachers need to act as role models as they demonstrate healthy eating habits. Schools can have 'Fruit only tuck shops and integrate fruit and vegetables into a children's culture in a positive way.

Children have happier times in Summer. Apart from eating habits, let them engage in Sports - activities like Swimming, skating, riding a bicycle, dancing to music, roller skating or even taking the pet for a walk. Maybe, just Walk - together matters. Kids are power house with full vigor and are found to be kicking and jumping all through the day and not just sit on a couch and watch television. This World Health day, make it a concern to count on those calories and have Fun activities for them. Working to fitness can be made a routine as you set the schedule and supplement your life with the techniques of Yoga - the Sudarshan Kriya (Art of Living healing breadth techniques) and Pranayama.

After all, a 20 minutes routine towards Health can change your life and your kid's life too.

- ilaxi patel
Editor, www.kidsfreesouls.com
Newspaper for Kids

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