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Literacy and Creativity - in Summer Vacation

Literacy in Summer Vacation can be a source of enjoyment. Parents and teachers often pester kids for ‘Reading’ as strong language and literacy skills are essential for children’s success in school and in life. Those parents who fail to encourage kids for reading and writing, often end up failure in school by the end of the primary grades. If the base is strong, the senior schooling finds way to effective learning and children can easier imbibe the notes with quality educative learning skills.

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Swagat Children Library introduces to creative, slow and steady progress with the required components of language and literacy that finds way with enhanced development as home-schooling finds way for motivation. The Yearly program includes :

1.Literacy learning as ‘Fun n Learn’ Reading
2.Vocabulary building and oral language skills
3.Phonetic awareness
4.Word building
5.Grammar skills
6.Speech skills
7.Narrating skills
9.Review Writing
10.Projects & Scrap books
11.Arts as a medium
12.Music as fun
13. Poetry and creative writing

Apart from this, round the year, the kids have Talking (chit-chat sessions), playing and singing. The chit-chat sessions find way to communication and easier way to interact, playing games calls for critical thinking and music for rote learning and enhancing memory skills.

Through work of Arts, most of the children develop creative, critical and thinking skills. They can express their ideas imaginatively and interact constructively with others. Children are able to communicate with broader vocabularies as they construct meaningfully while understanding the concepts with their own creations. Children are often found to expose their thoughts and diverse culture.

As for playing Educational games, they provide a break from the routine language learning as they are motivating and challenging, giving opportunity for language practice that can help to build language skills. Games like the Word Search, Cross words, word games like ‘Scrabble’ or word memory games are often played by children together. They should be allowed to share words and play games as fun and learn. Such activities have a value in reading classrooms and help kids to develop critical thinking through problem solving. Those students, who are taught to think critically, lean how to read more carefully, learn to listen better and pay closer attention to details. Moreover, they are more confident and enhance the power of knowledge.

As for singing in classroom, music is fun and more a rote learning method with some of the well framed rhymes and songs. It enhances memory skills and makes their imagination soar as musical activity invite them to play and interact in the activities with their peers. With guidance from parent/teacher and innate curiosity of the children, children apply problem solving and social skills. They establish good relationships, show interest in others, take turns fairly, interact verbally and non verbally with smiles and nods, have self control, show co-operation, build confidence, feel independent, empathy, etc. Music provides children not only the opportunities for aesthetic and creative development but also forms social development and social skills.
Reading aloud, story telling, story re-telling, writing reviews and letters are just about fun learning with dozens of activities to go for a an hour, twice a week or even for a day – just makes a difference.

Here are some Tips to Literature Learning that can work best for kids. However, follow the simple steps to form Reading habits. Click to Fairyland and encourage kids to write ‘Weekly review Journal’ of stories they’ve read with a simple jot down in the scrap book (Spiral bound books). Read more on my earlier blog post on this. Also set up a site on Google to record classroom reads. Even a parent can set up a site and record all stories the child has read and add reviews too.

- ilaxi patel
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