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Friedrich Froebel-Kindergarten system

Friedrich Froebel, the German founder of Kindergarten system was born in April 1782. He changed the way we think about early childhood education. Friedrich started a Play and Activity Institute which featured games, play, songs, stories, and crafts to stimulate imagination and develop physical and motor skills. He designed balls, wooden blocks, tiles, sticks and rings to demonstrate that children learn by playing. These objects were important part of child's life as these gifts will teach the child to use his environment as an educational aid, give a child an indication between human life and nature and create a bond between the adult and the child.

Children need the moral support and physical care from parents and teachers. With changing time, children need caring of future needs to growth of development. The word 'Kindergarten' mean, kinder + garten = Infant garden - garden for children in tune to nature where they can grow in free atmosphere in open surroundings. When Friedrich Froebel flourished the Kindergarten, he thought of kids to be tiny flowers who need the care and flower.

His kindergarten system consisted of three aspects:

games and songs


gifts and occupations

His philosophy of education rested on four basic components:

free self-activity


social participation

motor expression

Now, the whole meaning changes and kids need to learn more than just the nursery rhymes or the first abc. Self activity and motor expression - doing things themselves is almost left behind. Parents actively set up their routines with extra-curricular activities of their own choice. Children need to compete with their peers and with the technology booming in, computers and mobiles have found way to the smaller kids who just pick up the gadgets and find way to communicate. Moreover, closed activities indoors need a break for a changeover to view the outside world - into gardens, parks and places of kids interest like the zoo, picnic spots, etc. Kids learn faster in open spaces and like we have the system of 'Shantiniketan' in India (started by Rabindranath Tagore) - studying in open skies in a garden, under the shade of trees is a unique way of learning. A balance with indoor and outdoor activity is just the need of the hour.

For more on Friedrich Froebel, surf google and you are sure to find great links. Enjoy!

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