Saturday, April 11, 2009


The word Easter comes from the festival of Eostre, teutonic goddess of Spring. Here's Easter page on Christmas site on Kidsfreesouls and Easter Wordsearch printable for kids in Grammar Fun section.

Was Jesus Crucified? There's lot contradictions you find through search. Some say, Jesus was never crucified and his tomb lay in India! A lot is said in Dan Brown's Book and the recent Gospel of Judas reveal Judas as a hero and not a betrayer. Read more here and on the web - whether true or not, the controversies keep hovering over as more authors and writers keep digging into research of these bygone history.

Easter Graphics

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Btw, Here comes the Easter Fun on the web for kids. Get the kids to laugh, get the kids to spark passion, get kids to move on, get kids to get educational, get kids to explore...a whole lot of ideas on the web with the spring chicks, eggs and easter bunnies along with lot of stuff for easter celebrations including worksheets.

Some of the best links to get children engaged in Easter Crafts this year are:

1. Family Easter Fun
2. Easter Party - Printables
3. Activity Collection - Easter Printables
4. Free coloring Pages - Easter
5. Easter Word Search and Christmas pages

You can explore to find Easter Songs as children love music. Easter song, 'Hot Cross Buns' is a favorite of many children and I am sure you will find more interesting songs here. Enjoy.

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