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Tips to Set right Mood Swings of Kids - summer activities

The book ‘Keep your brain alive’ by Lawrence Katz says that the routine living dulls our minds and hence, Creative expression gives brains a workout, activating new circuits in our gray matter. It builds in courage while attempting new things, shrugging off routine and trying something we’re not already good at.

Kids too, often fail to respond to parents in what they are not good at. Due to lack of confidence, many children shrug off the idea for indulging into a Reading activity. Though parents like the idea of a Library, I often found reluctance in making the child join a 'Reading Class.' Most of the adults look for books like Harry Potter, Enid Blyton or Nancy Drew. However, the fact remains that the child need to cultivate reading habit and learn to read the easier fairy tales' books.

Kids normally hang on to activities they feel ease at. Mostly common is Drawing & coloring. Dancing, playing, computing, singing etc. are other activities that draw their attention. Their patience wane within minutes as kids are unable to stick to a particular activity for a long time. And it so happens, children often swing off their moods. They want to 'do this' and 'do that' as parents keep on pressurizing them to join an activity. They even hook to binge eating, get irritated and behave weird.

It is here to follow the simple Kidsfreesouls Tips and check their moods before plunging to activity selections for them as they are sure to change their moods and switch over activities too!

Be Positive – Kids simply need to smile away the bad blues. Find what they like the best and let them engage in these activities. Do not force. Just leave them with options to choose their most loved pass time. Be it cartoon watching, reading or drawing and coloring. They are going to learn something from this too.

Keep in touch with Nature - Most of the urban living parents have stopped seeing Nature. Let the child explore - Sun, moon and the stars. Take them for excursions or let them enjoy nature even at home. Go to the terrace and show stars, go to the open fields and let them run and play. May is the month of Flowers - Take them to gardens and let them be free.

Let there be Good Food - Mood swings are often fuelled by neurotransmitters in the brain that are turned on and off by the food we eat or we don’t. Hence, serve food that do not make the kids go 'cranky' - Give nutritious helpings and avoid the five whites - sugar, white flour, milk, salt and rice. Fill the platter with more fruits and water especially in summer.

Be Happy: Listen to good music to keep you in good spirits. Relax those brain cells with soft, melodious, meditative music. Listening to Rock and heavy metal blurs the mind cells.

Pinpoint the problem: Chat not argue or discuss. Sometimes, kids like to be treated with respect. They do not like to be commanded. If they fail to choose an activity inspite of your telling him to do, do not argue. Instead, talk over. Find out the reason and what they have to say. Their say is more important as they are the ones who have to indulge in a summer activity. Give them options and sort for reason why an activity is good for them.

Go for walks: Most of the important decisions are made while 'Walking' as mind is relaxed and at peace. Go for walks together - morning or evening. Kids are more happier when on move. Mood swings disappear as laziness sulks away.

Well, most of the adults need to conquer anxiety. Turn anxiety to energy and stop comparisons or herd mentality. Because a child is good at Guitar playing, it is not necessary your child should be playing Guitar. He can excel in Keyboards. Stick to own beliefs and limitations of the child.
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- ilaxi patel
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