Friday, March 06, 2009

Michelangelo - Pasteboard

Here is Michelangelo's Profile as this artist was born on 7th March. Son of a Government agent, Michelangelo made marble statues and paintings. Most of his work is found in Sistine chapel where we find the Painting of Ancestors of Jesus and The Last Judgment. He also painted prophets seated on thrones, who are believed to have foretold the coming of Messiah, scenes from book of Genesis – Creation of universe, Adam & Eve and illustrating the story of Noah.

Being an artist is really interesting for kids as they love to hold the brush and paint their imagination on the canvass. Children at Swagat Library submit their paintings to clip up. They even have fun drawing me and clip it on the board.

As I took a lot of competitions earlier, I found children drawing and coloring on various themes. This gave a rise to a thought of organizing a Poster Competition. All children can not excel in drawing or coloring. Like some are not good in singing or playing piano! So, we took a unique Poster competition and allowed kids to draw, color and even paste stickers. This resulted into children creating a unique Poster with their imagination and those kids who were not good in drawing and painting, were happy to participate and came out with unique ideas. If you have got your piece of art and wondering what to do, send to kidsfreesouls to paste on color paste board on kidsfreesouls.

Btw, here's Kidsfreesouls Poet (ess) of the year 2008 and Josie's Corner with Poems. Explore.

- ilaxi patel
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