Monday, March 16, 2009

Examination Tips

Examination fever grips young minds and a mind boggling course to complete in too short a time. It so happens, stress takes it toll with Panic Signs - just battling for the boards or appearing for final exams. Stress symptoms vary in children as:

Irritated nature
frustration and nervousness
disinterest in studies
glued to television
sleep for longer hours
lack of concentration
loss of memory
aloneness, anxious attitude

Though we find a lot of counsellors trying to solve the problems of children and parents, it often happens, assistance is just soothing layer when the problem need to be identified months earlier before the exam. Coping with Homework Hassles from the start is important and so is, Setting Goals.

Parents and teachers should take care to identify the weaker areas and help kids to make timely study plans during examination with following tips:

1. Boost confidence : Often the child loses confidence and is confused whether she can do better or not. Build the confidence level by saying 'You can Do It' and encourage to engross in lessons

2. Don't let your Anxiety transferred: Give emotional support. Do not transfer your anxiety to the child. This will only make the child anxious too and often irritated

3. Share smiles : Humour relieves stress. Exams often bring stress to parents and parents stress is kids stress too. Instead, spread smiles, share a joke, soften the atmosphere to wipe off tension.

4. Manage Time : Plan schedule. Time frame each subject lesson and follow time table. Organize the routine to add more hours for study.

5. Capacity of Child : Do not overburden the child during exam time. Identify the capacity of the child and chart out jointly what lessons need to be covered up. Give priorities to what he do not know.

6. Keep the calm : Family conflicts need to be avoided as anxiety over exams cause stress and this leads to verbal wars between the parents due to the child's exams. Hence, keep a calm as this phase will pass soon.

7. Inspire and encourage : Talk about your experiences during exams. How you coped up and let the child feel at ease. Show him your tricks of learning and how to shrug off the panic at the last moment.

8. Feed Well, sleep well : Cook healthy meals as per the choice of the child. Do not stuff too much nor starve. A calm sleep is equally necessary to feed the brain.

Here are move Examination Tips from the Counselling Column. Here's on Stress, coping methods and relaxation. You can find some more Examination Tips here.

Handwriting is also equally important while appearing for exams. As Gandhiji Quoted, "Bad Handwriting is the sign of incomplete Education". Hence, here are rules for Better Handwriting. Examination time is to get rid of unreasonable fear as it is a stepping stone to reach goals. Follow a Healthy Attitude guide and Examination Tips While examinations are on.

It's role of a parent to allow children to live a carefree childhood and focus more on their morals, knowledge and spiritual development. However, important is that children should not be over burden nor over stuffed - either with anything, education or food.

Here's wishing Happy Learning and Best of Luck! Keep the Faith.

- ilaxi patel
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