Monday, March 03, 2008

Time is Money-Budget Time

As I explored the web, here's my post on the Google Adsense Integration with the Feedburner. You can also find the Posts widget here. If you are a webmaster or a Blogger, get on to burn your feeds with feedburner and add the product codes to your site integrated with Google ads.

You can also find more on the India Budget 2008-09 on my Business website here.

And for the kids, Time is Money - Budget the Time. I mean it. Most common answer I hear from kids is, 'Teacher, I had no time for reading as I had school homework to do.' However, if you've a proper time schedule set up with Have to do-What to do-When to do, it's all about planning and doing the right way. Make a list for the day/week and I am sure, children can have fun with lessons, work, play and leisure. Many Parents are also with a Parent Stress and as a result Kids Stress. It is also important to teach kids the value of money and financial responsibility. Here's the Family Kids Education website which has indepth topics on Kids and Money.

Children are curious to know many things and if we guide them the right way, they are the best learners. Next time you give your child an allowance, let him also piggy-bank it. Make him know, It's all about Money, Honey.

Well, here's Kids Page with updates. Enjoy.

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