Saturday, March 22, 2008

Famous five and Fairyland pages

Enid Blyton - A modern spin off of old books as the Famous Five goes high tech as Jo, Max, Allie and Dylan, the children of Enid Blyton’s original characters with their pet dog Timmy embark on a new series of adventures. A 21st Century remake for the Disney Cartoon series, the characters who crawled through secret tunnels are now the i-pod users who fight their enemies using modern day gadgets like the mobile phones, ipods and lap tops. The children in this modern remake will uncover a pirate DVD factory on nearby Shelter Island whereas earlier, there use to be Kidnap, mystery and smuggling operations.

Smart Kids! And Hodder, the Enid Blyton publishers are encouraging children to write their famous 5 story and the best entry will turn into podcast! Whew, the tech way to go...

Find more in on Telegraph and to read more on this and what they've to say. You may also find more news in the updated Google News on Kidsfreesouls Personalized news column.

And now, here's Kidsfreesouls Fairy Land Pages for Summer fun. I also present, Kidsfreesouls Team Crew, Artie Knapp with Artie Knapp Library, stories for children on Kidsfreesouls.

Also here's wishing ("A Happy Holi" (friday-saturday)- Also Good Friday - ) and Happy Easter. Enjoy!

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