Sunday, March 23, 2008

Surviving Your Parents Divorce

Surviving your Parents Divorce - This is one website I recommend as it gives a lot insight on surviving the problems of parents who reach for a divorce! And this is changing generation when it is time for a positive experience than the negative effects it has on children.

If marriages can be saved, they should be. But if there's a split, traumatic events scar kids. However, it is more important on how to take it. Survival is a bright side but the better brighter side is seeing a positive. Having parents fight, split up and moving can be stressful and hurting. Divorce can be good or bad but most is going to happen and you can't stop the ills of it. It is here that the site of the Author and the book comes in helpful with his own experience. Author Max Sindell, whose parents split up when he was six, begins with a child's bill of rights - including the absolute most important right, the right to be safe and feel safe. The other rights a child of divorcing parents has include the right to awareness in what's going on, the right to counseling, the right to be heard, the right to be one's own person, the right to be neutral, and the right to private communication. The Author says, "If your parent ever has someone in his or her life who violates your feelings of safety and security, tell that person or tell your parent." And he goes on adding with his personal experiences and anecdotes in the book.

"Divorce is always a unique experience, and the only thing they have in common is that they’re never easy", says Max Sindell and I am sure, his book will be real practical guide, to help people have control over their life, no matter how distracting their parents’ situation may be.

Bright side to a dark way but most of, divorce should be the least of the problem when a kid is growing up. Let them grow 'Gracefully'.

- ilaxi patel
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