Friday, March 14, 2008

Outstanding Award

Did I just miss out to mention that Awards mean a lot to students? I got a couple of Awards on web but the best has been the 'Outstanding Journalist' Award. I missed a mention that I got the same on Women's International Day in 2005!

Memories do not fade but well, yes - I remember, I was bounced and tossed from here to there to get published in print media of my very own newspaper when finally, it was refused and the award winning piece did not appear! When appreciations do not come from right people, I guess we need not worry as work is worship and it's appreciated by real people who send mails and use the contents too.

Well, as a Kidsfreesouls Reader, you can always award yourself or your child with just a print out here-Kidsfreesouls Reader Award! This will have a power punch to kidsfreesouls but more, awarding yourself and your child for being a good reader. Here's the print, if you missed out.

At various stages, we need to motivate students and encourage them. Sometimes, we take competitions and give the prize or certificate only to the winners. However, the losers always feed bad for not getting a certificate. Hence, here's only ideas we need to work out. As parents and teachers, we can give away various print out Certificates/Awards like, 'Best Reader', 'Good writer', etc.

I do have a software that generate fantastic certificates. However, when we have such wonderful site like My Award Maker, it's worth visiting here and take the best print appropriate to Award the child. My Award Maker site is Free and 'FAE' labelled site i.e. Freely available Everywhere! All you do is, click here on the Educational Template, Print and Award. Your Child is sure going to like it and you are going to get back all the great results from the child. Give A+ or B+ and there, you praise the child for the efforts. You can even give yourself 'Teacher of the year' or 'Best Parent' Award and get a feel good factor;-)

If you need any specific Certificate to download, do let me know and I will upload the one for you too. For the time being, get the Kidsfreesouls Reader Award, Print (landscape, pg.2) and hang on your room wall. Enjoy!

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