Saturday, March 22, 2008

St.Patrick's day links in case you missed my note!

In case you missed my post reading on kidsfreesouls, here's on St.Patrick's day. You can find more in Google Search on St. Patrick's Day. Here is the wiki link of St. Patrick's Day. Here is also Enchanted Learning website with Crafts & Activities for kids. And here is the best on the web 'The History of St. Patrick's day.'

St. Patrick's day and the celebrations theme was all about Green - Dress Green, Eat green Irish food and attending the Parades.

Well, we do follow the St. Patrick's Day celebration here but I remember, whenever it was 17th March, the school sisters chart the St. Patrick's Day as a holiday in our calendar as the school was a missionary Convent school. This was a great extra holiday for us. Traditionally, celebrated in the Catholic church, many wear a bunch of shamrock on the caps, St. Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. It is believed, he raised people from the dead, drove snakes from Ireland and even set up schools and churches which would aid him in his conversion of the Irish country to Christianity.

I think Religion is a personal right and a personal choice. It is a faith so strong and all that matters - be it Shiva, Jesus or Allah or any, God is just One - He Knows and sees all. (You can find the Culture and Festival pages here as Good Friday and Holi )


- ilaxi patel
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