Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rajiv Gandhi once said, "Of every rupee the government spends, 15 paise reaches the common man." He spoke of the taking India to the 21st century and here, the future seems to be 'India Shining.' He gave Indian Diplomacy a new direction.

A Pilot with an accidental political career, Rajiv Gandhi was born on 20th August 1944 but died a very unfortunate death as he was blown to pieces with his assassination at a political rally. The worst part is, his mother too died a similar way and so did his brother Sanjay Gandhi.
Osho always said, "Beware of Politicians - the three Ps". Click for the profile of Rajiv Gandhi Here.

Btw, explore the contents as I move for a three day outing to a nearby hill station, Abu. As it's been Back to school, here's the tips for better handwriting and setting up goals. And here's a link of AOL for Kids and I am sure, the links will be interesting. You can even Register as a Teacher at the Scholastic for the Class Home Page Builder here. Enjoy!

- Ilaxi Patel
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