Saturday, August 25, 2007

A massive earthquake hit Peru with a 7.9-magnitude quake on Wednesday. Hundreds of people are killed in the rubble of collapsed homes and Lima is the hardest hit with it's main tower of the Senor de Luren church in the city of Ica is toppled.

The news in Kidsfreesouls-Reuters also show the videos of Landslide swamps the Himalayan village that buried all, Japan suffers a Heat Wave, Flood cripples North Korea, Hurricane season with the tropical storms brewing in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans & more...
Is the world at a brink of extinct? Are humans to suffer the wrath of heavens? The Nostradamus predictions with the book of The Nostradamus Code, World War III by Michael Rathford which I mentioned at the start of the year, seems to be turning true. You can read a chapter here on some of the mentions.

The Coming of World War III

Charles Berlitz in Doomsday 1999 AD predictions reveal that the earth will suffer a major global disaster. Civilization will cease to exist! We are on no point of return. Whether the predictions turn true or not, it's time we pray to almighty and say, "May god grant humans, the serenity to know, accept and face the challenges to fight the catastrophic disasters and live in Peace, Harmony and Unity." In India, we call this the Kalki Yug when Lord Vishnu in a Avatar will come on a white horse and destroy evil and than peace would prevail!
Here are Kidsfreesouls Earthquake pages and link to BBC Earthquake and other natural disasters info there.

Press news in Peru-Lima:El Comercio - Lima daily Gestion - Lima daily El Bocon - Lima daily Ojo - Lima dailyLa Republica - Lima daily Correo de Arequipa - Arequipa daily
Keep the Faith!

- Ilaxi Patel
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