Saturday, August 25, 2007

Poetry and Pictures - This is a great combination of any artistic character who lives with imagination. William Blake was a Brilliant but unconventional English Poet, engraver and painter. His symbolic pictures and visionary poems are not always easy to understand because he invented his own mythology to express his ideas. But his pictures and poems reveal a powerful artistic imagination. He once removed a drunk soldier, John Scofield from his garden in Felpham. The soldier later claimed that Blake damn the King and the Soldiers were slaves. For this statement, Blake was charged and taken for a trial at Chichester which was originally build by the Romans in 1st century AD. William Blake and John Milton lived through two of the most tumultuous periods of European history, so perhaps it is not surprising that Blake would have been drawn to illustrate Milton's great epic. Blake completed two sets of water color illustrations to Paradise Lost.

You can find view some pictures here. And here's the Profile of William Blake who died on 12th August years ago.

- Ilaxi Patel
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