Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here's what I read - HP Author is spotted writing a Detective Novel. The All time great reads for Young Readers are Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. Ginny Gordon, Three Investigators, Boxcar Children, Judy Bolton and many more fall in this Young reader Detective category.
You can find the list of Nancy Drew series - Books, movies and Games here at the Wiki. A number of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys are found in Kidsfreesouls Library Shelf - the whole collection purchased by Swagat ex-students.
Well, here's profile of Sherlock Holmes, the well-known Detective and some Mystery Cases - You Be the Detective. These pages were featured earlier in 'The Telegraph' - Mixed Bag column too.
Well, here's a great suggest of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde which has always been a great supplementary reading in the classroom. It has a well-crafted theme and a plot with investigative work. A Research done by Pamela M Price-Anisman - Teaching Detective Fiction in Development class might be useful on teaching Detective Fiction. Enjoy!

- Ilaxi Patel
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