Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dickens is now labeled - Literature for lazy readers! Instant goes Potter! I read in Reuters, the actors Dan Clarkson and Jeff Turner have condensed the Seven Potter books into a parody of J K Rowling's saga. For inspiration, the pair even sat writing their script in the same Edinburgh cafe where the single mother, claiming state benefits penned the books that turned her into the world's first dollar billionaire author.

I think, now is the need for the Dickens and Enids to go global with the the same zing like HP. Why, we find a great picks of Enid Blyton even here with very affordable price. Btw, Enid Blyton, the most successful British writer to this date, was born on 11th August 1897 in London. She wrote many books, got too many criticisms too and even at the end of fifties, many Libraries refused to stock her books calling that kids would not read the great works of Literature if they picked these books. Due to Enid Blyton reads, many went ahead to read Harry Potter. Many have even switched over to Pop Music, playing computer and Playstation or X Box and watch Television. Enid Blyton filled kids with joy of reading and developed their reading skills and discovery of world around them. Enid's Books and stories had excellent powerful narratives, filled kids with excitement and let children use their imagination to flow. The style of writing was clear as she created excitement and adventure with books like: Five on a Treasure Island (Famous Five), Secret Seven Collection, The Circus of Adventure (Adventure Series) and The Mystery Series, school stories such as Malory Towers, St Clare’s and The Naughtiest Girl, fantasy tales such as The Faraway Tree, The Enchanted Wood and The Wishing Chair, and of course the much-loved Noddy stories for younger children.

Enid Blyton's works were owned by Chorion who announced in last January of it's emerging brands into global franchises. As a result, we find a number of Books in Indian markets and last, when I was at a newly opened Mall, I almost got tempted to buy Enid Blytons for children and add to my current Enid Blyton collections. No wonder, my ex-students and me - are all fans of Enid Blytons to this day! You can find Enid Blyton books here at Kidsfreesouls Store. Btw, did you know, Enid Blyton day is celebrated by the fans here by the Enid Blyton Society . And Here's a fan site where you can post your fan message too. You can find more in the above search for Enid Blyton. Enjoy!

-Ilaxi Patel
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