Saturday, August 25, 2007

Everyday we need to spring new ideas as we teach kids to read and write. Boring lessons almost make them less interested as the kids today are more in for play and computing. When kids have to copy textual answers in the classroom, they take lot of time to finish or even leave incomplete work. If they've to get to color fun or chat - why, even sing and dance - may of the slow learners are too quick to respond.

Games is always their first pick online and I find many students in clubs, home or schools, playing computer or video games and even discussing on their fav game or the music. However, Puzzles, jokes and activities always interest kids. This stimulates child's interest and they are ready for reading text later. We find a lot of pencil grabbing games, puzzles and game teasers in print newspapers and a bit of here and there scoops. However, the academic remains only up to school lessons. Hence, online resources are great way to boost academic performances. If you are a teachers or a parent, you probably must have come across NIE Kidscoop used by newspapers for NIE and used the contents for children. It is not about just subscribing and giving the child a kids newspaper to read but also encourage and sit together and create interest.

Click to the link and explore kidsfreesouls pages too. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel

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