Thursday, January 29, 2009

Listen to Aishwarya - Allah tero Naam Lyrics

Aishwarya Majmudar singing at a show 'Chote Ustad'. You can even find more songs of this young Artist in You Tube. The fairy girl has a voice of a nightingale. Winning the 'Chote Ustad' competition was one of the most memorable moments of her life, and she told in an interview, "Amitabhji referred me as his ‘bahu’, was like an icing on the cake". Watch her sing and listen to her on You Tube.

Btw, here is the lyrics of the Prayer song 'Allah tero naam, Ishwar tero naam' - a Prayer song she sang at the opening function which I referred earlier.

allah tero naam ishwar tero naam (2)
sab ko sannmati de bhagwaan (2)
allah tero naamaa

aa aa....aa aa aa...aa aa aa

maangon ka sindoor na chhoote (2)
maa bahenon ki aas na toote (2)
deh binaadeh binaa bhatake na paran
sab ko sannmati de bhagwaanallah tero naamoh saare jag ke rakhwaale (2)
nirbal ko bal dene waale (2)
balwaanon kobalwaanon ko de de gynaansab ko sannmati de bhagwaanallah tero naam ishwar tero naam (2)
allah tero naam

Find the song on You Tube here. A song from the movie 'Hum Dono', the meaningful words request god to give light to mankind. At a time, when the world wants peace, faith can move mountains and so it should! . Let there be no killings nor war, Let there be no crime. Stop Crime, Stop children to be criminals - Build the Pillars of Character.

- ilaxi patel
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