Friday, January 30, 2009

'Abide with me' - Beating Retreat and Martyr's Day

The Republic day celebrations (26th Jan) are spectacular with ‘Beating Retreat’ at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi three days later on 29th January. The notes of ‘Abide with me’, favourite of Mahatma Gandhi is played by mass bands of armed forces with final retreat marking the end of Republic day celebrations. The bands of Army, Navy and Air Force play the traditional marching tunes.

Unfortunately, this year the Beating Retreat was cancelled due to the death of former President R Venkatraman. In 2001, due to Gujarat Earthquake, Beating Retreat was cancelled too.
Well, if you missed the notes of 'Abide with me', here's the lyrics and song to download. The song is written by Henry Lyte, a vicar who lived in the fishing village of Brixham Devon. He was dying of Tuberclosis and as he walked by the sea and heard the ebb and the flow of the tide and for the last time there, he watched the sun, he wrote the touching song.

Btw, 30th January is 'Martyr's Day' and on the occasion of Gandhi Nirman divas (Gandhiji's death day), Gujarat Vidhyapith students, staff and others have hosted a silent rally (Shantiyatra) from Gujarat Vidhyapith to Kocharab Ashram. Gujarat Philatelists Association is also hosting a three day All India Collectors Exhibition with special collection of stamps on Mahatma Gandhi. At the Sabarmati Ashram on 30th Jan evening, 'Prophet and the Poet play will be held which is about the exchange of letters between Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore.
Mahatma Gandhi lived at Gandhi Ashram from 1918 to 1930. He left with a pledge that we would not return till India became independent. On his return from South Africa, his first Ashram was established in Kochrab, Paldi in May 1915. Later shifted in June 1917 to open land on the banks of Sabarmati.

Till I update the news column, find Mahatma's Gandhi's page in Literature Profiles.

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