Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

January 11 is all set for World Laughter Day as it was first started in Mumbai in 1998 to spread a Laughter Yoga Meditation. Plato once remarked, "Even the Gods love jokes" and sure, who doesn't? Koran says, "He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh." When children are born, most of them start crying but an angel child always begin life 'smiling' It is a rare thing but imagine, smile takes to miles and that's what we teach our child to live longer, live healthier as he smiles his way to grow gracefully.

Ever though, how do we teach a child to Laugh? Consider a thought and teaching children to laugh is the best way to lead them to Laughter meditation and build a healthy atmosphere around them. Laughter pulls down stress, anxiety, anger, grief or depression in adults too. Laughter has many benefits for children like:

1. Laughter makes children cheery
2. Laughter makes them more creative
3. Laughter helps children make good friends
4. Laughter is rejuvenating and regenerating as they learn their lessons
5. Laughter gives you a break from your conscious thoughts and help build confidence
6. Laughter opens their heart and they become more friendlier and good at heart
7. Laughter stimulates physical healing esp. when children are sick or suffering from pain

Normally, we find parents or teachers saying, "Stop, don't laugh. Be serious" - What we require is to teach them discipline but at the same time, teach them 'humor'. Lessons of life brings in bundles of joy to ourselves when we too, follow 'The Be (Happy) Attitudes and all the attitudes that transform life. If we say cheese to any strife saying, "I can choose to be happy - anyways" it brings a change to our Attitude as well as, changes attitude towards our children and family too. Here's Laugh Aloud Page with Jokes for children and Attitude page here. Also Be Happy Attitudes here. Here's a review of the Robert Schuller's Book which might help you to Be Happy and Laugh way to Life :

The Magic rules to Be Happy Attitude - Make a Difference!Review by ilaxi patel
(Find more in Amazon Book Reviews and Recommendation Page)

Robert Schuller's another Best Spiritual release drawing from the famous section of the Sermon on the Mount, the Bible tales. Rob emphasis on the eight positive mental attitudes that transforms life. Rob says 'Let faith flow freely...and you can climb the rugged mountains, cross the stormy seas and fly on high skies. This is one great book I possess which helps me easen up my spirits when things really fall apart. When mysteries of life encircle you to find the inner feeling 'How to be Happy' inspite of good health, wealth, friends, job satisfaction etc, its a bed side shelf book to peek into the 'Be Happy Attitudes' :

1. I need Help, I can't do it alone!
2. I'm really hurting but going to bounce back
3. I'm going to remain cool, calm and corrected
4. I really want to do the right thing
5. I'm going to treat others the way I want them to treat me
6. I've got to let faith flow freely through me
7. I'm going to be a bridge builder 8. I can choose to be happy, anway!

If you really want to read the 'right stuff' - adopt a 'Go for it' Attitude towards your life and dreams.

- ilaxi patel Editor,
Author of Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to Joyful Parenting

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