Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kite festival, music and Kids

Second day of Uttarayan and it's ever called 'Vasi Uttarayan'. However, I think, it's never Vasi (stale, old) because the festive spirit of Kite festival is so alive and enjoyable - to be on the terrace and fly kites, eat the sweet goodies and even tune in to loud music that vibrates the soul.

On the Terrace, as the music played - Hindi and English, the sound zoomed in from all directions with a remix of all. My attention caught to 'Blue' and this is an old group I am fond of. I use to visit 'Blue' website while my days in Sambhaav in 2001 while I worked as Online Editor there. I am sure, you will like to watch the videos, listen to the song and Sing Along 'Karaoke' too - Duncan, Lee, Simon, Anthony at Blue came with a Bang and are Best: read my Amazon review here:

Btw, here's Music and songs Page on Kidsfreesouls.

Music is the speech of the angels. It enhances learning, stimulates brain and promotes well being meditatively. As teachers, everyday we need to spring new ideas as we teach kids to read and write. Boring lessons almost make them less interested as the kids today are more in for play, music and computing. When kids have to copy textual answers in the classroom, they take lot of time to finish or even leave incomplete work. If they've to get to color fun or chat - even sing and dance - may of the slow learners are too quick to respond. Kids music comes in a variety but often, in Indian scenario, more popular stand, Hindi music. Children adopt what elders do and many younger kids are found humming songs with words improper for them. Instead, if music is sung with words full of meaning and learning values, children can enhance singing skills and learn moral values through music.

Well, as you can find a lot of tips in Moms Zone (parental zone), here's a review of Hi-five Music that use to appear on Pogo Channel. Grab a copy and I am sure, you will love my recommendation. Enjoy!

Let's Party with Hi-5!, 1,2,3,4 Hi-5 goes the Live Band of Kellie, Nathan, Tim, Kathleen and Charlie with their Theme song:Five in the air, Let's do it together, Five to the side,who cares about the weather?Five on the floor, The party's on at your placeFive to the front, There's a smile on my face!Ready or Not is the second playful song of Hide n seek with great lyrics by Leone carey. Love is a beautiful song with very good lyrics with feet tapping on the ground "L.O.V.E. I love you and you love me, that's the way it should be"All songs on this CD are great Fun. Hi-5 is my fav' show on TV and I never miss out any of its show and so when it comes to listening the CD, it's Fun singing and dancing with kids with the gift pack I recently received from my bro who been for vacation overseas. Hi-5 caters to wide range of younger kids focusing on their cognitive skills and learning flares. The five have refreshing ideas for kids as they action sing the songs emphasizing on different areas of 'intelligence' and bringing in awareness to the kid's world with:

*Language fun of stories, rhymes and games songs,
*Logical thinking and mathematical puzzles of shapes, mazes, patterns,
*Music fun with beat, rythm and melody, *Body moves such as jumping, hopping n the like,
*Exploring emotional areas through stories to enhance sociol skills etc.

Educational based songs Hi-5 are lively singing sensation that you fall in love with all of the Fabulous Five as they not only have a great voice but also expressions to match with. Tim is lovable and so is Nathan, Kathleen is fun and so is Charlie and Kellie! The Karaoke version is fun singing the lyrics along with It's Party, Love, Ready or not, Robot, Feel the Beat. Five senses, Charlie's ABC, Jump forward, So Many Animals are all great numbers for kids. It's merrier days again for adults who love kiddies music fun. Hi-5 do remind of songs like 'Time to be Happy' and 'Wear a great Big smile upon your Face' and so, if you love those songs, Hi-5 Album is just 'Ultimate' for kids and for All. It's Double the Fun, jumping n jive' with the happy ole days and make the kids merrier floating them free to grow up - free from the stress n burden of education for a change, free from the big bad world as they sing and dance with this Pick - At Home, in school or having fun Partying. A great Pick.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

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