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GCCI, Aishwarya, Tanvi Vyas and Minister Maya Kodnani at GCCI

Gujarat Chamber of Commerce inaugurated an "Exhibition of Products" Manufactured and Traded by Women Entrepreneurs. The Chief Guests were Dr. Mayaben Kodnani (Hon. Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Govt. of Gujarat), Ms. Tanvi Vyas, (Femina Miss India Earth-2008-2009) and Ms. Aishwarya Majmudar, (Winner-Amul Voice of India.)

Being 'International Girl Child Day' today (24th Jan), the Minister spoke on the various aspects to save girl child and focused on healthy moms for healthy child. She weighed stress on Literacy and was concerned that 40% girls were illiterate and more efforts can be made by educated people to devote their contribution to spread literacy. Tanvi Vyas aspired to be an Entrepreneur herself and make her place among the women who scale to top as Business women. She was inspired with the GCCI Business Women Entrepreneur who exhibited their talents and products at the venue.

GCCI Business women Chairperson Kalpana Amin welcomed the guests. Kalpana Amin who is an Artist with her Art Centre, 'Flo Art' in Vallabh Vidhyanagar where she makes Sculptures, Murals, Interior and Garden Decor. Being a successful Entrepreneur and amidst the circle of Think Tanks, she aims to inspire and encourage all the Women Entrepreneurs who participated in the Exhibition.

Aishwarya Majmudar, the young singing star from Ahmedabad who currently studies in X Grade in Delhi Public School, sang a prayer song (Allah tero naam, ishwar tero naam...) and awe-struck the Business women audience. Mentioning on Save Girl Child, she referred to serials like 'Balika Badhu' on how a girl suffers, she feels bad and awful. She wants to make difference and will try to do something for girls, women and bring a change in a system that hurts the self esteem with a gender bias. She felt that unless and until we do not bring a change in the lifestyle of women, we are underdeveloped nation. She hoped that every child gets the love of their parents irrespective of the gender and the parents do not kill girl child. She felt that girls are more ahead than boys and I feel so bad when I hear and see on news channels and media when injustice is done to girls.

Aishwarya's message to parents: Love your children and encourage them. Find their talents - whether music or arts or maybe academics. A parent's role is very important to shape the future of a child.

She opposed the Politicians and said, "Neta's always say, 'Do this, do that' but I would says, 'Be Independent' - not dependent. Work for the welfare of the nation and perform your duties to bring a change.

I have an opposite message for the song of 'Umrao Jaan' :
'Jo ab kiye ho data, aisa na ki jo,agle janam me mohe bitiya na ki jo.
(God, this time you have done, do not do this again, In my next birth, do not make me a girl)

Aishwarya tuned this to opposite:
Jo ab kiye ho data, aisa na ki jo,Har ek Janam me mohe, bitiya hi ki jo.
(God, this time you have done, do not do this again, In every birth, make me a girl only)

Here's Aishwarya's website.

Here's views related to her Achievement in an exclusive Kidsfreesouls Interview:

Kidsfreesouls: Aishwarya, how do you balance between your Music field and Education?Aishwarya: I Plan it wisely. I am on Homeschooling and get my notes. So, whenever I am free from music shows and interviews, I learn my lessons well. If my exams are in March, one month ahead, I will completely devote my time for education. Education is must and no compromise - both are equally important to me.

Kidsfreesouls : Who do you consider your Inspirational Role Model?
Aishwarya: First and foremost, My Parents. They have always stood beside me and motivated me. They have nurtured a genius in me and music being my talent, they encouraged me in this direction.

Kidsfreesouls: What are your views on social network and Internet?
Aishwarya: I am not against Social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut where my friends hang most of the time. However, I feel I am not interested in these things which even demands a lot of time. Instead, I opt for Information on the Internet. I like to download songs and go for Projects. Collecting pictures of animals and reptiles is my hobby and I have made an Album, a huge book I love to possess. I feel Internet has more Information and we can be imbibe knowledge and value education too.

Aishwarya's best friend Mudita Samir Shah had accompanied here and she gave a bouquet of flowers to raise her spirits. A very sweet, soft spoken Mudita caught attention as she spelt her charm too. And truly indeed, Aishwarya's Mom can proudly say the new Slogan 'My Daughter - Nation's Pride'.

Watch for the news on TV channels in the evening and in Google on 'Save Girl Child' Day and the GCCI Exhibition tomorrow in the morning print media newspapers in India.

I am sure, this note on 'My Daughter - Nation's Pride' (Save Girl Child) Day will inspire our Kidsfreesouls readers.

- ilaxi patel
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