Thursday, August 14, 2008

India Shining on Kidsfreesouls:Happy Independence Day

Kidsfreesouls wishes all Readers, "Happy Independence Day", here's India Shining on Kidsfreesouls with flag hoisting at Red Fort online. You can listen to the National Anthem 'Jana Gana Mana' and pay your tribute to India. On the occasion of the 61st year of India's independence, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, proudly presents the "Jai Hind" song and video as a salute to our great nation and a celebration of the spirit of national integration. The "Jai Hind" project aims to revive the use of "Jai Hind" as a contemporary greeting among India's youth. Read more here on Kidsfreesouls 'India' and watch the video.

On 61st Independence Day, the first thing that comes to mind, "Are we really Independent?" Is Poverty a major issue than illiteracy in India?

Well, M J Akbar delivered one of his finest speech in Dubai at Consulate General of India. He said, "four definitions for modernity: equality before law, equity of economic growth, internal & external security, and democracy. To achieve this, he said, fighting poverty is India's greatest challenge. If democracy in India has to succeed, we have to eradicate poverty... India became a democratic nation to give power to the people at the grassroots. The rich have always been in power. It is the poor who need to be empowered. But the good thing is that the poor in India are no longer ignorant. They have become aware." Read the speech here on MJ blog.

Today, India is a “Can-do” Nation, Democracy intact, jubiliation in Real. India, the land of Free proudly stand Independent and today as we commemorate the nation on its Anniversary of Independence, Kids Free Souls salutes all those immortal souls for the gallant undying contribution for the cause of freedom. Celebrate the dawn of another triumph year of Independence. Jai Hind.

- ilaxi patel
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