Friday, August 29, 2008

Do you Spank your Brat Kid? Just 'Don't'

Ever wonder about the attitude of children? You come closer to the answer "Why my child acts the way I don't like'.

Many parents or teachers are helpless with children when spanking is the last resort they take to treat them right. No way, Spanking children is good for them as they turn more rude and naughty with their behavior patterns. So, what to do? Allow the child to act the way he wants or set control. Why does he act this way? Just ask a few simple questions and you know your answer.

For now, here's the Syndicated Author Blog post of mine appearing on book page of You can read for the tips and check in for the book chapters on Spanking, Sibling Rivalry and other articles that thoughtfully discuss on Parenting. Read 'Inside the Book' features for a chapter to read and make your choice.

Here's the new post on the Blog, Guardian of Angels - Syndicated Blog , for quick read which appear on the Book Page too.

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