Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blog Catalog - Another Facebook?

I am just a newbie with the Blog Catalog. If you're not listed, here's the good great chance to get featured into the Blog Catalog - a social networking service that allows Members to submit their blogs and create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with other bloggers.

15th August had been the Blog Catalog Appreciation Day. It's a cool website, very interactive, informative and happenning. You can find new Blogs featuring in to make them your favorite. As a blogger, you can add friends, join neighborhoods, broadcast, join groups, enter discussions, add news feeds to check in your friend's activities or just about hang around to read what Bloggers write!

Here's Kidsfreesouls on Blog Catalog and you can join here to be a friend and share my BC Journey on web.

I guess this is a unique way to get aquainted but more, be a better blogger on the web. As we read what others write, we do get a lot of ideas and ways to present our blogs. Bloggers can unite and add on the creative widgets and tools to the blog. You can even get your Blog to the Spotlight. However, this comes with a fee but than, your hard work is all that you need to 'Show off' - Don't you? The latest news, tips and tool can be added to your blog too.

So, if you're having a blog, get listed in the wonder of the wonder 'Blog Catalog' - Be my friend or join me for discussions or more. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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