Sunday, August 03, 2008

Children Ask 'Who are Terrorists?'

When terror strikes, fear and anxiety grips it's strong hold and this is what the aftermath situation prevailing here in Ahmedabad. Gujarat state faced the terrorist strike and Ahmedabad lost many innocent lives leaving many injured. The victims are suffering and the dead are in graves with the nearest relative being offered monetary help by the Government. Will this bring back lives?

Well, It's children who are full of questions asking Who are the terrorists and why the terrorists are Killing innocent people. The kids are anxiously pouring their emotions as they talk of what they have seen and heard. I have children coming to me asking me and telling me all on these terrorists attacks as their emotions run high.

Protect kids from crime, stop them to be criminals - an article from Guardian of Angels was written on a similar disaster during riots that hit the city some years ago. Also Fear Children need to know that killings never do good to anybody. The 9/11 toppled tower or the Gujarat riots or these terrorism - they mean destruction of humans and humanity. Children need the emotional support, a careful listening, confronting and guidance. Parents themselves need not over-react to the situation or in their anxiety pass fear to kids. Harsh reality affect kids but parents reaction to the situation has a negative effect or a positive, depending on how they foresee the situation. It's here that they need to stop feeling the blues, freeze the fear phobia. As I refer in my article 'Fear' - 60% people fear from agoraphobia or call it panic at being in a place they consider it unsafe. They turn themselves to believe that something wrong will happen which makes them nervous and frightful. Phobias sometimes run in family and children inherit from parents.

Such situation calls in for creative activities for kids and they need to divert their attention from viewing too much of the news on incidents of killings and death or even listening to avoid panic. Here are steps to build Pillars of character and Steps to ethical behavior for kids. Let kids get to Creativity and enjoy. This time soon will pass too.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids

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