Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Encourage Reading: Choosing Books & Reading Aloud

A new research, conducted by University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) scientists, shows that whether a child has been read aloud to on a regular basis is the single biggest predictor of a child's success in learning to read.

"Reading aloud to children helps them develop oral language. It teaches them how to listen and how narrative is structured. They also learn vocabulary and how print works and that it is read from left to right," says UAB Associate Professor of education Kathleen Martin. She further says, "Reading aloud helps to develop oral language. It teaches children how to listen and how narrative is structured. They also learn vocabulary and how print works and is read from left to right."

Well, reading should always be made 'Fun Learning' and not let the child have a boring session. I read aloud stories to children as we often have a Loud Reading class following by Story reading session from 5 Minute Fairy Tales or other Fairy tales book. Children sometimes opt to read online stories and I hook them to Kidsfreesouls Fairyland section as they Read aloud the Artie Knapp stories and other tales.

Reading should not be a forced activity but made interesting by narrating, communicating, expressing and showing them pictures in the book. Discovering books in a Library or at a store should be a routine. Encourage children by talking 'just books' with added Scrap book fun. Children love to draw and add color while they write a review or part of the story. Even games are fun while reading. Making spelling games, board games, cards and so on. Reading should never be serious and this is no learning. We find children saying the story by-heart while participating in Story competition with no expressions. Let kids lighten up. Stories and comics are meant to be fun together. Some kids love fiction, some like poetry whereas some like non fiction. Let the child make his choice.

Find Encouraging Reading in Guardian of Angels and you can find a part of it on the Kidsfreesouls.com Parenting page. Btw. here's on 'Choosing Books and read them aloud' on Kidsfreesouls You Tube. Enjoy!

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