Sunday, September 16, 2007

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While I made some Widgets and surfed my way to learn more tech skills on the web, here's my Feedburner below - You can subscribe my feed post of this Blog to read in News Readers.

Btw, RSS is a huge opportunity for all publishers. You can even add my widgets to your Site or Blog with Newsgator widgets or springwidgets or the Feedburners.

Feed Demon has ever been my fav Reader and so is Newsgator. The Free version of NewsGator online Web based RSS News Reader is the "Best" and I been using the services since ages. Over a database of 1.5 million feeds, I have added all my Interests here with all automatic updates. Google or Yahoo or any other are no match to NewsGator, no ways! Try this and you sure will thank me for the NewsGator Recommendation. You can sign up here for NewsGator RSS News Reads.

All you got to do is, click below widget of my Feedburner and Add to Subscribe - You can select Newsgator, Yahoo, Google or whatever your News Reader too. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel

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