Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anxiety & Ageing

Grandparents are ever our strength as they motivate, inspire and encourage us with their wisdom. They are the heritage. A day may come when one has to be grandparent one day and leave behind our footprints with the sands of time!

Well, here's Grandparents Day on Kidsfreesouls. Kids can be provided information as to the History of this Day, the values of being a close knit family and showering love to these ageing souls and filling their world with happiness. You can read on my article Anxiety in my Book, Guardian of Angels - With the age, comes the anxiety and insecurity. This is for us to check this on while we pass numbers to be Grand oldies.

Well, here's a Survey ( Learning Environment Surveys ) on NY Daily News, which reveals some facts - Parents like Teachers but also have woes. What do Teachers have to say on this?

- ilaxi patel
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