Thursday, September 27, 2007

Games to Choose for Kids - Tips

My last posting on Kidsfreesouls says, "kids play, they learn more" Like a Jadu ki Jhappi, their stress levels go down as they play. Video Games are so much a craze with many kids. Children are apt to play Games on computers or on the Internet. When I ask kids or visit a club, it's almost a child telling me the best tricks and cheat codes they use while playing a game.

Video Games was seen as a formidable enemy while studying but as the recent research in Tokyo find, Kids use Nintendo DS Lite to study maths during the 90 minute catch up at a High school there. With the highly popular Nintendo DS, a double screen handheld console, kids can study anywhere with no stress. These games go High Speed Wireless in Tokyo. Here's the Nintendo DS Lite Accessories which might interest you.

Btw, here's This Week in Games on Fox News if you like them. And well, it's still a concern for children to learn lessons especially during exams and there's when parents too need to check out the game and find what's best to pick at a store. Here's Games and Tips too. An X Box or a Playstation - or maybe allow kids to play on web - Remains all to be monitored!

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