Sunday, September 23, 2007

Making Impact on Blogosphere

The other day, I mentioned of the yearly Blogger's Choice Awards for the Blogs on my Ex-Editor's Blog. These Awards are for the Blogs that make an impact on the Blogosphere. You can find their last year's winners here on the site with links to the Best Blogs in various Categories.

For this year Nominations, you can Brag their badge on your Blog. The Voting is open till 19th October and the winners will be announced on 10th November 2007 at Las Vegas, NV. The Awards are sponsored by Payperpost and other Advertisers.

Kidsfreesouls bragged the Badge for information on I am sure, you will find good Blogs here in their Parenting section. As such, the Best Award comes along when our hard work is really appreciated but more, our efforts are made use in some way - be it information, education, entertainment or any constructive way.

Click to enter your Blog through this link and stay tuned in here for more news and scoops of information. Enjoy!

Ilaxi Patel
Newspaper for Kids with Resources for Parents & Teacher
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