Thursday, September 20, 2007

Concerned for Kids Literacy?

World Literacy Day and it's 8th September to mark on your Calendar. Literacy is a way to go - Educate at least one child who needs to learn the basics or at least one can try to encourage and cultivate reading habits among children who are lost in textual lessons. Be a HIP (Home Instructional Programmer) with Swagat Children Library Worksheets online! Help kids - wherever you live!

I always say, 'Education without Experience and Exposure, is Incomplete' - With Tech savvy skills, it is more on getting Educated. Every Teacher or a Parent need to update with the skills of Technology. Get on to use the Google Tools and all the Tools you require for the Classrooms here. Kidsfreesouls has already been NIE - a Newspaper in Education with many topics already used in classroom Projects. You can join me at the Google Educator's Group and share your classroom projects and lessons too.

Here's my note on Literacy, written earlier. Kidsfreesouls is being re-designed to make my own work easier - meanwhile, explore and do send in your suggestions, comments or inputs.

- ilaxi patel
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