Friday, May 28, 2010

Idealistic, romantic and realistic : Walt Whitman

Born on May 31, Walt Whitman is one of my favourite poet whose poetry is idealistic and romantic - in rhymes and rhythm to thoughts. His prose has been realistic. His poems have often voiced for peace during the Civil War and what I like about the Poet is, every poem has something to say - so human and concerned with a message - which you will find in Comments on his work. This reveals the Poet's nature, emotions and kindness towards things he perceived. Here is the Profile and his works.

- Walt Whitman Other Literature Profiles Index

If you love poetry and are even writing or wish to write better, here's Poetry Pages on Kidsfreesouls and you can look forward for more as I frame more Poetry Learning pages. You can read a couple of my poems written with random thoughts and do put 'Like' on this post if you are on FB or comment on my blog post.

- ilaxi patel

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