Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cop 15 failure and future progress on climate - transforming cultures

I was just reading the Environment column that I placed on Kidsfreesouls and my attention was here on the words of Chris Flavin of the U.S.-based Worldwatch Institute. He believes that future progress on climate “will be driven more by domestic economics and politics rather than the international negotiating process.” It is suggested that the future UN climate talks should focus not on overarching agreements but on practical goals like providing funding for poor countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change, accelerating international cooperation on technology, and coordinating a global effort to protect the world’s remaining forests given their capacity to store large amounts of carbon.

Thoughtful view and I completely agree that nations do need to adopt policies and technologies to keep carbon footprints in check and transform cultures. Here is a ppt on what you can do for the community and why culture change is so important. Here is a copy of the State of the World 2010: a preview - Stay tuned to Kidsfreesouls for Environment column and Watch this space for World watch Institute - a vision for sustainable world. Also interesting is the Life cycle studies section.

Parents and teachers may take a look into the Environment section and maybe you find some worksheets to chart out for kids and even come for better summer activity planning activities on environment.

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