Thursday, June 03, 2010

Teaching syllabus is boring? Follow Projects

Last March, First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated Dr. Seuss Birthday by reading 'The Cat in the Hat' to over 200 local elementary school students at Library of Congress.

This reminds me, schools are just a fortnight away to reopen. Students in classroom enjoy the English text lessons especially "Cat in the Hat" and "The Grinch who stole Christmas." I have noticed, teaching syllabus to children is often boring and lessons like these when taught in classrooms with Question-Answers, meanings and reference to context are just a routine study for the child who lose interest in such wonderful stories. If we adopt movie shows or role play the characters, children love this.

Another thing is, following an activity related to the Lesson. It can be building vocabulary based on the words, go for vocabulary projects or a story project. Can be Dr. Seuss project where the child can be encouraged to pen down all about Dr. Seuss and his works.

Often we find, parents relying on subject lessons and follow tuition patterns. Instead, applying creativity and encouraging children to make simple projects, is fun and learning too.

You can find the June Calendar and Projects here. As Aesop's Birthday falls on 4th June, there's loads of ideas to celebrate with simple aesop's fables. Kids can read and write reviews, gather pictures and even make the Story Project. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and The Dog in the Manger has been the favorite reads of the children at the Swagat Library.

Fill up happiness instead of bored effect on how to pass time on a sunday or holiday and stop kids to say, 'I am getting bored, what should I do?'

- ilaxi patel
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