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Mahatma Gandhi - Truth and non violence

Gandhi, The Father of the nation and here is the profile of a leader who influenced thousands of Indians and people round the globe with his non violence philosophy.

A conference held earlier `Peace, Non-violence and Empowerment - Gandhian Philosophy in the 21st Century' was structured around four presentations by Scholars and Gandhians. The subject emphasized was:

conflict resolution and peace-building
Gandhian philosophy for poverty eradication
education and people's empowerment
dialogue among peoples and cultures
towards a nuclear weapons free and non-violent world order

The 192 UN Member countries has declared 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Anniversary as 'International Day of Non Violence' Day desiring to secure a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence.

The Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad is a witness to many important historical events and is a national heritage. Sabarmati Ashram was home to Mohandas where he worked and practiced his principles for more than 18 years. It remained a major hub of political activities for the country. The Satyagraha Ashram carried a mission to create a non violent group of freedom fighters who helped in the freedom fight of the country. The Gandhian followers led a path of truth and non violence under Mahatma Gandhi's guidance. One of the important events was the Dandi Yatra - Mahatma Gandhi led the famous 'Salt March' (find in News about development of Dandi Bridge).

Kidsfreesouls salute the great leader and highly believe in the Gandhi Principles. You can find the profile of Gandhiji here alongwith the Constructive plans and a Quiz on My Experiments with the Truth from my print media (Freesouls in Sambhaav newspapers) competition taken earlier.

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