Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween, Dev Diwali

Happy Dev Diwali! From today, Gods will celebrate Diwali for five days. However, 31st October being Halloween Day, its haunting of ghosts and werewolves and vampires like kali chaudas.

Mystyfying myths remain mysterious even though ultimate truths could be discovered using the human mind alone. Science has yet to reveal what caused them. Satanism, Blackmagic, tell tale, mythology and all, lead to beliefs of evil omens to exist on earth as Ghosts or demons or witches. It takes a fraction of a second to hear the sound ‘AUM’ at such times of spirit scare and take a walk outside the mind, moving from head to heart. We are all hung up in the head. One solution is get down from the head to the heart. Mysteries remain but problems disappear and evaporate leaving the trails of mysteries behind.

Btw, heard the track of Steven Cravis - Happy Halloween Music? It's a part of the 75 Top Halloween Songs picked by Apple iTunes iMix and the individual song is available as a download there, under the special iMix tab called Complete Set. You can also find the track for download on Mac and PC here or just log to or listen at (France, Germany UK and USA only, I believe) - Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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