Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Book Guardian of Angels@Amazon

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Well, this reminds me of a review I earlier written on : Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids: Practical ways to create calm and happy homes by Naomi Drew MA. She has served as a Parenting Expert and her work has been featured in Newspaper and Magazine like the New York Times, NBC, Time Magazine, Parents Magazine and Child Magazine. A dynamic speaker and an Educationist, she has served as a Consultant to various schools too.

Review of Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids by Ilaxi Patel :

Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids is one of the "number of points" self-help books that are so popular these days. The opening message that peace in the family begins with peace in the parent clearly moves us in the right direction. Author Naomi Drew has already had a hit along the lines with Learning the Skills of Peacemaking, also aiming Public schools. We can't just place the blame on television, school, other kids, or lack of time, not if we want to actually address the problem. Drew's some of her imagined resolutions are a little too elaborate, she uses concrete, realistic examples. It's important to aim high when you're planning a successful family. Even if you only manage half the book's aims, you'll be much better off. The author breaks the big job of bringing peace to the family down to seventeen points. Parental actions should be guided by love, compassion, fairness, respect, and integrity and nurture these attributes in children. Indeed! Peace is at every doorstep!

Btw, you can find my Amazon reviews and this is a mix of Books, music (kids, parenting, management, war, etc)

Well, You can read the Readers Reviews of GUARDIAN OF ANGELS: A practical guide to Joyful Parenting on my Book Page here at Kidsfreesouls. The pages are not yet designed to perfection, however, you can expect a better presentation in time to come. Enjoy!

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