Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can you buy Intelligence for your Children?

Can you buy Intelligence for your Children? 50% of parents in Hong Kong believe they can. "IQ Enhancement" is relatively more important when choosing food, books, education materials and education institutes for their kids. Check out the AC Nielsen report (April 2005) In this survey conducted for adults with primary school children, it revealed that IQ enhancement label for these products were: Foodstuff (58%) and toys (52%) carrying an IQ enhancement label were the most popular. But in terms of importance of these products to their children, more than 42% of parents believe educational institutes offering IQ enhancement programmes are important, followed by 45% Extra-curricular activities.

Parents may not be spending more on themselves but for children, they make their choice but more, they even try to provide what kids want. Early childhood is influential time and child's physical and mental health is crucial to happy childhood, says Helen Lok, the Executive Director of AC Nielsen Customized Research, Hongkong.

Kids' "Health" is perceived by parents to be more important than IQ, followed by "stable emotion" and "hard working in study".

Kids Survey :
Stable emotion
Hard working in study
Relationship with others

The performance of new brands now solely depend on the consumer choice and here's parents and children opting for a choice which can give a clear idea to advertisers to plan their strategies as far as kids related products are concerned. As such, foodstuff, toys, books and Educational Institutes are a major choice followed in parallel to health and making children emotionally stable. The figures for 2008 are not known. However, looking to the trends, the concerns are more the same and we can clearly see - Parent Stress, Kid Stress - a concern with the economic downturns. Every parent need to make a choice but at the same time, it's the need of the hour to make children involve in making a choice - quite practically!

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