Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Facebook Scrabble

Apps are so tempting and we apt to make our choice with instincts. Especially, if you are at Facebook or my space, you have a host to select and it sure reflects your characteristics as per your choice.

Well, there goes my favorite time passer game at Facebook and I picked on the Scrabble as well as Scrabulous applications to add to my pages. Though these games are well designed and quite attractive, I admit that I won't be wasting my precious moments online to play with a friend. Simply because when I can play Scrabble in real time, it's undecided on which version of Scrabble or Scrabulous is superior online and they won't be any fun unless my virtual Facebook friends are playing with it too.

The Scrabble - All a game of fun and learn. I remember the word trivia games we played at the Talkcity chatrooms and still the game is great going all the time pick. Scrabble was introduced in 1948. These days it is produced in 27 languages, according to Mattel Inc., which owns the non-American rights to the game. Scrabble ranks # on Top 10 games in Kidsfreesouls List of games. Rest follows Monopoly, cake mania and all leading to X Box games like the Halo 3 - The Master Chief who makes it Big.

Teaching Board games to kids is just challenging and fun learning. The spelling rules as well as building a vocabulary is all in process as kids engage to a word building play activity. With Hangman and other spelling activities, encouraging a child is quick and easier while sparing a few moments for play. With a scrabble, an age appropriate spell fun works best as you begin to play with the letters, keeping in mind, the vowels and consonants which are verbally formed. Kids can have a Family Game Night, ready with the word list so as to be easy with the game. When I play the game of scrabble or rather allow the class kids to engage into a Scrabble game activity, the first thing I noticed is the enthusiasm as they can make their own words. Of course, we do have cheaters who spell wrong and yet, make it appear correct. This is when we find children disappointed and embarrassed when we can emphasize on what it is to learn or what means 'winning'.

Well, for the online free plays, here's Scrabble and AOL games for the game lovers. And here's on Honing Sports Spirit - an article in my book - Grab a copy NOW for the read.

-ilaxi patel
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