Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ice Road Trucker worksheet for kids

Do you watch History Channel? Well, I do. Recently, they have aired 'Road to Season 2' on 1st June 2008 with the amazing highlights on Ice Road Truckers on Season 1 and a preview of show of Season 2. The adrenaline packed series which is shot in high definition with 50+ cameras in the most brutal conditions in zero degrees in Artic, gives a glimpse of the most dangerous occupation in the world.

Ice Road Truckers is a American documentary style Reality show telecasted on Sundays. The Season 1 led to Yellow Knife to the Diamond mines and the Season 2 towards Inuvik, which is at the top of the world where the ice roads run up a river and across Arctic ocean to natural gas drilling sites.

It is amazing to know that 70% people on web searching for Ice Road Truckers are looking for 'How much money does an Ice Road Trucker make?' For every load they haul, they could make up to 2000$ but I did read here that they can make upto $15-30000 in 60 days!
You can find more on this on the History Channel or find Blogs with Kidsfreesouls Search. Anyways, here's the recent Kidsfreesouls You Tube that gives you a glimpse on the amazing Ice Road Trucker video.

Here's the recently added Comprehension on Ice Road Trucker in Grammar fun section. You can print the sheet and use for classroom activity. Also download the Ice Road Truck wallpaper and create your own wall papers too. The worksheet also has online view on Ice Road Truck video apart from video on Kidsfreesouls You Tube . I will be adding more worksheets in Grammar fun section, so keep visiting and keep the faith.

- ilaxi patel
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