Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine - make happy, stay happy, stay cool.

February Project highlights were missed but I am sure, many of you have found the February Projects and Valentine pages on Kidsfreesouls - Nothing new, however, much to surf around and help children to understand what Valentine is all about. When I had sessions of Valentine Day Project in the classroom, kids love to draw the heart, exchange chocolates, find significance of flowers, bird myths, know gods and goddesses of love, love symbols, etc and even gather the Valentine messages. As parents, we do understand the feelings of our children and as they grow up, the butterflies bugging them to have the crush or the infatuation, often failing them to know what is love! Surfing through the web, we encounter friends, some cool, some familiar, some aloof, some near and some far. Message flows and soon everything freezes as time pass by - often its crush, infatuation or flirting. Well, its all to care for a smooth sailing relationship, soft heart but no broken hearts and make happy, stay happy, stay cool.

Happy Valentine's Day to all friends whom I met all through a phase of over 20 years. God bless.
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