Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rhyme with a reason - Auden's Poetry

Schooling years are the best when children learn Literature. The Literature Projects aim for understanding English Literature and know the poets and authors. Children can be encouraged to draw the Character Sketch of the Literature Profile and learn the poems - the rhyming and rhyme schemes by providing them vocabulary of words that rhyme. Later on, teach them how to write poetry. Well, W.H. Auden was born on 20th February, an English born poet who was born in York, England, in 1907 (20th Feb). He made a remarkable contribution and best known for variety of his works W.H. Auden has written the best ballads, blues, limericks, sonnets, nonsense verse, oratorios, free verse, librettos (words) for operas and dramas. Find the Profile and use in Classroom February Projects.

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- ilaxi patel

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